“Say you’ll be my nightingale” – Nightingale, Demi Lovato

loneliness is
knowing the answers to questions
nobody thinks or cares to ask.

the monologues that never
turn into conversation.

the disfigured lump
in your throat
that rises into crying
on bathroom tiles and pillowcases.

the earrings lying discarded
in the pink charmed box
that are so heavy you never
wear them.

books you borrowed
from others who never
asked for them back.

imaginary conversations
into hope.

the words that remain when
you slash and burn away
to meet word limits
and deadlines.

it is the irony of becoming
the cliches you laughed at.

(To Shriya, who, for the record, definitely asked for her copy of The Ocean at the End of the Lane back.)



8 thoughts on “unreturned

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      1. LOL BRILLIANT REPLY. ;D ( are you blinded by the capitalization ) hahaha

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