“Back when you fit my poems like a perfect rhyme”-Holy Ground,Taylor Swift


threw the dice five times
gambled both ways
one sided game for
two to play.

we dance to dodge
our vulnerability &
prevent any true damage

my lies fall too fast and
too little prepared
dignity cleans up the
flaws that they reveal
covers up the pain i fail to
hide with my pokerface.

those careless creases
around your eyes,
your left elbow angled away,
that silent space,
the tilted nonchalance
in your shoulders-
do they form your disguise,
the truth made-up in your head?

they may just be complicated
my eyesight might be failing
-in far sight and short vision-
alongside my mind.

we dance a masquerade
our masks make me want
to believe
in coincidence instead of fate
-street side,sunlight
falling over my hands,
jolted touch
crooked catch of our eyes-
we’re just another

your eyes reflect
a flash of red and white
i cast my die again
two sided game that
only one plays.

it tumbles over to you
for the 6th time
6 down,1 up
meeting your blank gaze.

i refuse to risk myself again.

your turn.
your play.

you never try when i do
so when i don’t,
why would you?









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