29aa9ce611b1984852984e2058c2759e“Everything that’s broke,
leave it to the breeze,
let the ashes fall,
forget about me”-Let it go,James Bay

our delusions of forever fell
apart as we did
they pierce my soles
as they skim over bridges dusted
with glittering glass shards
catching the sunlight to sparkle
in a way that bad news never should.

we tore ourselves apart and left behind
blank blinding pain
we’re broken
and broken things are never lost
forgetting us is not an option that
we left ourselves

but sometimes i don’t quite believe in that.

though I could see it as your eyes slid away
when they met mine
only to land on the floor
streaked with blood my feet
trailed from that wreck we wreaked
on those glass walls we lived within.

we are cutup cards tumbling together
into an empty void
disaster left us seeking solace silently
when we would have otherwise
tried to try again, no matter how
exhausting it felt to
constantly combat currents
instead of flowing with them.

and all we left unspoken, all we left
all those syllables form
words which wrecked worlds
without warning
weakening work woven
into reconstructing ruins.

(and all alliterations are anymore is
a reminder of inside jokes
of all the stories stuck inside me
that we will never tell together).


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