Black and Blue

[A/N:Another poem,another day.And for someone who does nothing with her days,I’m exhausted all the time.

-AWWAW aka Shree(because that IS my name,and I have to acknowledge that someday)]

“I’d say I was wrong just to make it fill all the spaces”-Honest,The Neighbourhood

“Would things be easier if there was a right way?”-Someone New,Hozier

he wrote his name all over me
and I filled the spaces he left empty with my love.
his lips trailed over skin scraped clean
whispered away words that healed the raw spots.

hope burnt away my half formed lies
my synthetic curtain of doubts
blazed into crisp dark ash
that floated into skies filled with dreams of
disappearing specks of questions.
in a spur of belief,I crossed every single word
you threw my way
walked on past your gates.

hope burnt away
those invitations to leave
that you wrote carelessly
my address scrawled in smudged green ink across the envelope
and the atmosphere shut the ash within me
diffusing among the dreams
clinging to my surface of possibilities
black among those blue skies.

all my dignity has disappeared in desperation
so let me hold on to my facades
state that I don’t care, confident and assured
so that when you leave
they will not give me threadbare comfort
I will long to cast aside.

deluded hope calls out maybes and could bes
bitterness laughs out her should bes so wildly I cannot help
but add to the cacophony with screams
instead of weeping all those tears
I shed for you when you first yanked away
that formed icicles
when they fell on your icy cold walls
encasing you in a stronger prison.
you keep drawing in,locking me out.

he wrote his name all over me
and scratched them out in the next breath
until I was covered in bruises of black and blue ink.
he left those spaces as they were
I wish he’d burned them
turned my body into charred ruins.


2 thoughts on “Black and Blue

Add yours

  1. shree. my love
    I say this platonically
    don’t you ever
    feel like youre making the wrong choice
    cause sis, when you dream
    follow it till the end okay?
    im soo proud of you
    when you go for book signings
    I get to be youre bodyguard
    and tell everyone that SHE is MY BEST FRIEND
    im not giving you a choice on that

    1. Keren.
      That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read.THE best compliment and the awesome-st support I’ve ever gotten.
      I love you,human(…platonically-I love how you added that).
      And…sure.If I get to parade about the fact that you’re my best friend.With free mental checkups to ensure that I am sane to boot.:)

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