[A/N:Exhausted describes my life pretty perfectly right now. Mentally. Physically. Sometimes I think I’m just weak. Mentally. Physically.
This poem? Those quotes? They don’t quite go. But they merge together here and there, though they’d make more sense if you were inside my head.

THIS POEM IS DEDICATED TO AN AWESOME FRIEND OF MINE WHO WANTS A POEM DEDICATED TO HER. SHRIYA. SHRIYA. I’m honored that you like my poetry enough to want me to dedicate it to you.
Before anybody assumes anything, I would like to state that dedicating a poem to someone is not the same as writing a poem for/about them. Just….putting that out there.


“Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?”-Lost Stars, Adam Levine

“I’m following the map that leads to you”-Maps, Maroon 5

I remember when you asked me to anchor you.
I cannot be your anchor.
How can I when I wander so cluelessly, eternally adrift?
I cannot be your guiding light
When you are what fueled me to burn.
I cannot be your compass
When you refuse to look at me.
I cannot be your arrow
I’m too lost in this world already
Don’t ask me to leave you
and wait for you to reach me.
I am not your shot in the dark
I know you see the light filtering in
I know you know I love you.
You are the chance I choose to take blindly.
I am not a miracle
So don’t ask me to be yours.
I don’t know what I’m looking for
My heart is spinning aimlessly
I don’t even know myself
So don’t ask me to draw you a map
to get you from the start to the end of me.

We can search for what we seek
Make our own map of constellations
from the five square stars that’re lighting
up the skies tonight.
We can search and I know,
I understand that though we seek, we may not find.
I don’t really care
I just want to search with you.


3 thoughts on “You

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  1. Not to brag or anything…..BUT IN YOUR FACE ACHU.GUESS WHO GOT A DEDICATION BEFORE YOU.ME.MOI.BEN.ICH.IK(yes,I googled me in different languages)

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