[A/N:AWWAW is currently mentally exhausted and physically tired. She realizes that both those words mean the same thing, but would rather type another sentence explaining that than delete and retype the old sentence.

And I HAVE A QUOTE. I HAD TWO QUOTES ACTUALLY. But this is the quote that inspired the poem-I think. I’m not quite sure.Oh,well. It’s the quote that relates more,too…so….sticking with it. 🙂

See you soon,


“Running in circles, chasing our tails, coming back as we are”-The Scientist,Coldplay

He spun around in her head

Leaving her stumbling

Looking for balance

Heady from her spinning world.

She dragged him in

Swirling like the dregs of coffee

He left un-drunk at the bottom of his cup

Beside the fluttering pages of an unread book

To go with her.

Lives rushing past them.

Blurs of memory.




She steps back sometimes

To look at herself with him

when being with him isn’t enough.

So she moves away and reality reminds her

that they rotate in the same spot

till they move

only to end up revolving until

they’re right back where they started.

She wonders what she began

and why he doesn’t end it.

He’s not blind, he sees it,

He goes with it,

Because he prefers circles.

He’s turned the corner once

and hit the unseen wall that broke his jaw

He’s fallen out of orbit

and knows there is nothing but emptiness in the fall.

So he prefers circles

that he can tease into the shape

of a question mark.

He prefers circles

To dead ends.


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