Falling off

[A/N: The one word title thing has finally disappeared, though I was seconds away from naming this “edges” or “cliffhanger”.Too exhausted for author’s notes,but there will be new poetry/prose soon,


“We can’t jump the track,
We’re like cars on a cable
and life’s like an hourglass glued to the table “-Breathe,Anna Nalick

The verge of falling
Onto rocks that will
Puncture skin and bones and flesh
Hearts and souls
Tear you into pieces
Slit you open
Reveal you in a shamelessly honest way
That the world will flinch away from.
On the tips of our mouths
That are about to fall out
And shred what we built
All for a moment’s reprieve
From the hurt, the doubt
And the uncertainty that comes with life.
Letting go
Of the cliff’s edge
Prying our fingers one by one
From their handhold
Forcing ourselves to let go
is easier than holding on until
our hands are stamped on
and we just have to release our grip
because of the unbearable pain.

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