[A/N:I don’t have a quote…again.But that’s because though quotes describing jealousy as an unnecessary part of life(which is very true,yes) exist in abundance, they don’t exactly suit the poem.

The poem…is about jealousy.I don’t particularly like being jealous, nor do I think it’s a positive emotion, but I guess I was just thinking about how jealousy is often painful,in a way, and I ended up with this poem.


Be back with new stuff soon,


Red roses
which prick
your fingers till
the thorns reflect
the shade of those petals.
The most beautiful things
create in our souls
gaping wounds
that bleed

It paints over everything
and leaves you comparing.
And you’re afraid, so terribly afraid
that jealousy,
will mar you,
mar the beauty
of the rose you once loved so.
That poison will seep from it
and that rose will wither away and die.
Scared because
it consumes you sometimes
and when you close your eyes to shut it out,
even the dark is tinted red.

We’ve come to dislike jealousy on others-
when in us, we simply hide it away,
never let it surface.

I sometimes wonder
if the envious should be given some
small amount of pity-no, maybe not pity,
the pity that they are granted today
is the kind that condescends.
Maybe they should receive
some of our sympathy
because we’ve all forgotten
jealousy is all too often dyed  in shades of pain.


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