[A/N:Me and my one-word long titles for poems these days. I think I’m losing my capacity to give my poems names.

No quote coming to me.So no quote here.Another slightly exhausting day.Lots happening in life-or at least there seems to be,but whenever I try to think of anything noteworthy that’s happened lately,I draw a blank.Besides,I’m saving some of the info for my next post[to be filled with words not arranged in the form of a poem-hopefully].

See you soon,


Are you barely holding on?
Are you putting on a brave face?
Courage comes in many shapes
Shutting yourself away is the one that spirals downwards endlessly.

You say walls are just rectangles
Four walls are not a tower
You can still see the sky, feel the sun
You’re not obstructing everything,
Just fine tuning it.

I think
You’re just turning the key so you can lock yourself in
And lock the world out
And windows, they exist to show you
The world from a different view
But yours are coated with thick layers of misty sorrow
You’re trying to be brave
by hiding everything away
But sometimes bravery can be
Letting it all out or
Letting someone in.


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