[A/N:Here comes …..(no,not the bride)a new poem!This one is technically old-the foundation of this was ready in May……and then it got deleted.So,I re-made the foundations and then built a building.Which is what you’re going to read.But…I reckon the foundations themselves are different this time.

This is,I’m realizing,one of the the only poems I have which are separated into stanzas…..weird,random realization(ooooh,that’s an alliteration!!!!!!).I have a thing for alliterations.

Expect posts with a lot of poetry, or me blabbering about life-they are coming.Hey,that reminds me of “The Ministry has fallen.Scrimgeour is dead.They are coming.”In case you haven’t read it yet,yes,I did just randomly throw you a line from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.I’m a maniacal Potterhead.My name kinda adds proof to that claim(hey,that rhymes!).So does the blog’s name.

Okay,I’m going to stop now.

See you soon(hopefully),

A Witch With A Wand]

“I enjoyed writing. Perhaps it was because I hardly heard the sound of my own voice. My written words were my voice, speaking, singing, … I was there on the page.”-Jenny Moss

“If I were fearless, then I’d speak my truth,
And the world would hear this
That’s what I wish I’d do”-Let the Rain,Sara Bareilles

I find it easier to write in the dark
My words illuminated by the screen’s back light
It’s easier to be honest in the dark
Yet it’s harder to lie in pure daylight

I find it easier to write with music in my ears,
Blurring the clacks of the keys I hit
Not hearing the implications of the words I type
Refusing to understand what I write
If I knew what I wrote about then I wouldn’t write at all
There’s only so much someone can be honest about
Honesty sometimes pushes till it tears you apart at the seams

It’s easier to think about what to write
Than write what I think about
Those cloudy thoughts becoming solid
Might pull me to my knees

I find it easier to write than talk
Words don’t come easily to me
In the midst of a conversation, I tend to stop
Lost for words to tell people how I feel

So instead I let my words spill onto the page
I write because I want to, maybe because I have to
It’s the way that I choose to expose myself
It’s the one way I can scream out my thoughts
This is how I want to tell the world who I am.


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