(A/N:Where did this come from?No idea.Is it really about me?All of us have felt this way sometimes,right?The quote has nothing to do with the poem?It came to my head,and refused to leave,so I wrote it down.Is it good?You tell me.)

 I don’t know if you know who you are till you lose who you are.-Taylor Swift

I’m repetitive

And so cliche

A bunch of overdone

Over felt


Strangely strong emotions

I fall too easily

And struggle to climb back

Forget the sun while in my pit

Remember the dark too much,too long

Not brave,not strong

Not the one who shines wherever she is

I’m not a diamond

More like a mirror

I’ve been buried under reflections

Trying to see where I stand

Trying to see who I am

Losing sight of reality

Can you tell me,am I really me?

A mix of equations,formulas and trigonometry

Of lyrics,quotes and couplets

Of odd words,tones and here and there a memory

Over analytic,too many thoughts,not enough action

Too many walls,so many empty spaces

I’m filled to the brim or I’m empty

With me,it’s everything or nothing at all

A bunch of paradoxes,

Just another human being

I was made in a much used mold.




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