Writing and what-not

Four posts,three of which are poems,and I already don’t know what to write about.What is too much???What’s too deep for a fifth post???What’s too silly for a fifth post?I have tons of questions like these running in my head.

Is there a search engine where I can type such questions in???Would a fifth post about my most secret dreams be too serious???Would a fifth post about my secret crushes be too serious???Should I even talk about my personal life on my blog????Should I stick to random topics,just barely skimming the surface???

Seeing as I’ve actually written all that down,you can safely assume that if you’re planning on reading my future blogs,you will be confronted with teenage anguish,posts about my random depressed moments,and all sorts of crap.Oh,and a poem or two in between.And probably book reviews(or raves/rants).

The only awkward thing about writing down your feelings in a blog is that people you know might be reading it.I’m one of those people who’d feel easier giving a speech to a crowd I don’t know rather than a circle of my bestest(yes,I know that’s not a word-it’s for convenience’s sake) friends.Because I guess,I’m more scared of how my best friends will react….which is in turn because I care about their opinions more.And also because they’ll probably recognize the people I’m talking about(even if I change their names)……..which is infinitely awkward,too.I mean,you’re writing a long post about how your most recent crush is frustrating you,and your friends will probably assume you’re talking about someone…..even if you tell them you’re not.

And there I go,spilling my guts already.Well,random future readers,now that you’ve gotten a taste of me serving you dollops of my feelings,be prepared for future onslaughts,which will be waaaaaaaaay more insane.Or intense.Or useless.

But I’ll try my best not to be a teenage brat,I promise. πŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Writing and what-not

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  1. Write what you want to. Don’t think too much on what may be good for this number pist n all that. πŸ™‚ if a poem comes, write it.if it’s a rant, spit it out. πŸ˜€

    1. I agree!

      (Also, my blog is technically a “secret” and so I don’t worry about family and friends reading. Secret meaning simply that I haven’t told them it exists and all names are fake….Web searches could probably find it though…huh…)

      Good luck Awitchwithawand! πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, protected by the code name….no one would ever guess. Not like I play ukulele all the time at home or anything… and then I write all the time. Code names. Totally.

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