On Introductions and the Awkwardness of Writing your First Blog

You know what the MOST awkward thing about writing a blog is?Your very first one,at least?

In my world,it’s the fact that I have to write as though somebody’s going to read it.And it’s so crazy,thinking about writing FOR people to read.Especially when people don’t know your blog exists.Except friends(who will eventually find out about this) and family(who probably never will).It’s  just so strange.So I’m going to pretend there’s a ghost sitting next to me reading this,and I have no other way to converse with the ghost than through writing.

So…..that being done with-Hi.I’m me.You’re a ghost,who definitely can’t speak.Inference-you can’t introduce yourself.Therefore,introduction done!

Okay,not really.But I really am me.I’m definitely not you.And you really are you.Definitely not me(feel thankful,because I am a chaotic,loony person).

So hey.Let’s start over-I’m a 14 year old girl(yes,that means I’m fourteen and that I belong to the category of females)who is very unclear on how to introduce herself.I mean,if you asked me to introduce myself in front of a class, I’d probably stutter out my name and walk back to my desk.Seeing as when I write,I have the option of delete,re-write,and edit,it’s taking me a little more time.

My friends often call me “crazy”,my parents think I’m the golden kid who’ll go everywhere(not so sure about that……),my dog is insanely awesome and only ever needs me to play ball with :).

I live in the ever-eternal land of books,I very rarely resurface and one thing that you’ll find annoying about this blog if you don’t love books,will be the extensive references I make to them.An entire week,month in my life can revolve around nothing more than books.My favorite books?The list starts off with Harry Potter(JKR is the absolute queen of literature in my eyes),followed by Percy Jackson(incl. Heroes of Olympus-awaiting The Blood of Olympus with bated breath!!!!),Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars,Divergent(except Allegiant including Allegiant,but that book just broke my heart) and tons more!

I also love music(not at much as books,but I do love it),so you will also find song lyrics littered in every corner of my blog.

However,I can’t name that many artists I love because my taste in music is not the same as my taste in books-in my books,I’m unwavering.When it comes to music,I switch around a lot.But a few artists you will find in my playlists are………Taylor Swift,Imagine Dragons,Demi Lovato,Coldplay,Carrie Underwood,One Republic,The Script,Linkin Park,Green Day,,Katy Perry,Adele,Miley Cyrus and songs by random Youtube artists.You will also find Disney movie songs and Barbie songs(hey!Barbie movies are awesome!).

But majority of my songs are those of Swift,and Imagine Dragons(totally unrelated,those two).I love Swift(yes,yes,I’m a girl,I love Taylor Swift,I know that’s cliche)and most of the times,you’ll definitely find me rocking out to her songs(I know she doesn’t seem that amazing but I just kinda always knew her,and can be stubbornly loyal sometimes).I have recently fallen absolutely completely totally in love with Imagine Dragons,too.They made a video with teddy bears in them.Who doesn’t love teddies????(Hmmmm…..maybe Octavian.)

Moving onto my blog………..

I will definitely rant on this blog(hey,what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t rant on it?)-not the stuff that people call rants which make sense.Mine will probably NOT make sense.

My writing will not be insanely crazily talented…..I will simply throw together four sentences that rhyme and call it a poem(yes,I’m that sort),or ten un-comprehensible lines together and call it a story.Uh…yeah,I’m like that.Sloppy and lazy :).

I also……tend to be repetitive.And I’m a grammar freak-when somebody writes “your’s sincerely”,I will probably have a breakdown.

And that’s preeeeeeeeeettttttttyyyyyyyyyyy much it.

You know what’s weird?Since I started writing this,I’ve been wondering how to end it…………and I’m gonna stop here.

So,Ave Atque Vale.And see you soon,folks!










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